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VSADAMy name is Teri Martin.

I'm 52 and have lived in Phoenix for many years.

I went to nursing school in Washington State and then trained at Western State Mental Hospital at the age of 19 and worked with handicapped adults.

I had a classroom of 24 adults there . I was a supervisor that also trained those capable of working on the outside in which many were then able to get a check of their own.

Those that were not capable? I worked, challenged them with love and care in different projects in the building. Some never got too far but learned one very important thing at least while coming daily to my room- They knew I cared about them and they learned to have self respect and love themselves.

Many of them did not get this at home, group homes or hospitals that they belonged to and I was so very thrilled to give it to them for the 6 hours per day they were with me.

I was widowed 13 years ago, I have no family really but 1 daughter and 1 Grandson but I do have the best ever - God so it keeps me happy but I am very alone on this and ask please for your prayers. I just cannot think of throwing in the towel as the Dr's are saying when there is such a powerful God! 52 with a heart going on 15! I know they have a super good hospital in LA, California but way too much money to go there.

I don't even make enough after my bills to go on a day trip. Is there an angel out there some where? I know that there is! Other than God - I have fought happily and faithfully all 3 alone and went back to work in about a 2 week time frame after all 3 but it's getting a bit harder emotionally. This is when I wish that I would have had a job that paid enough to save money as I would go on a few trips to see God's beautiful scenery & get my treatments.

I know God is not going to have this be as I've spent my life loving & helping senior people stay in their homes and loved them as God wanted their children to. A true gift to do so! Please I ask of you for your prayers on this today. Thank you to anyone that took the time to read this and if you find it in your heart to assist me, you'll have my eternal thanks and prayers. God bless you!!

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