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I'm having faith that someone can help me.

Today I am starting even a better attitude.

I reject the stage four label for my cancer and my life. I need excited creativity and energy from the medical world. I need the medical world to see me as someone who can truly survive and thrive. I refuse to be compliant and peacefully die. I choose to live and I only want to work with health care professionals that can help me do that! I have stage four non-small cell lung cancer .

 If I come to your office or your seminar and tell you my diagnosis, please don't  give me the puppy dog sad face. Get excited and give me something I can use to stay alive.

I am not in denial of anything but do not but much faith in the "stages or statistics". I think I will put myself in stage H for Hope and then after my next ct scan it will be, F for faith!  I am always trying to keep the  positive attitude as that in itself is very powerful medicine.





Cancer is a devastating interruption to our lives. So many are lucky to never deal with this affliction. Others get it - fight - and are lucky enough to win. Others have a less positive outcome.

Times are tough I know, but there are no more traditional options for me concerning this cancer as the surgery route has been exhausted - already having had 3 lung surgeries. There is no chemotherapy drug available to help. I just had another biopsy this past week on another nodule found. The results were that this is a 4th cancer.

This is very rare to have 4 cancers in 3 years ! The Dr's have never seen this. They only know that my cancer cells have a lightning speed they have never seen. I need to try my best to stop or at least slow them down!

I have found a treatment although not FDA approved. It is in Canada and 1 other treatment center that might help my very rare situation but due to the economy and extensive previous medical bills, I haven't sufficient funds and
I am praying that you can please, please help!

I have been in healthcare my whole life helping others and now find myself needing the help of friends and strangers. While I've seen cancer in others, I never thought I would have to deal with such devastation in my life. If you have the ability to help financially on any level or with medical resources, it's so greatly appreciated.

I have, can and will beat this I know with your help. God bless everyone for taking time to read about my very personal situation.

I thank you for stopping by and invite you to read my story and I can't tell you how much I appreciate your prayers and help. I trust that these resources will also help others in their fight.


I spent most of 2013 with chemotherapy (cisplatin) treatments followed by radiation treatments and therapy.

The scan in August showed only a spec of something but my new scan done 12/06/13 shows a nodule on the thyroid gland, a new nodule on the right upper lobe and possible metastasis to the brain.

I need now to do a Pet scan of the entire body and a MRI of the brain. After this is done then I will get busy with what ever the Dr's want me to do as well as finish up my therapy for pain management. They are still working with me to take out the nerve pain caused from the right middle lobectomy.

This has been way more then I ever anticipated but again I will say , That with God everything is possible to get through and I still believe that this cancer can be gone! In the name of Jesus! :)

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